Menus for Easter 2023

Easter is just around the corner! Let us take care of preparing the dishes for your holiday table, and spend the time you save with your loved ones!

Pick up in person on Friday 07/04/2023 by 3:00 pm or take advantage of free delivery from 450 PLN.

Orders can be placed until monday 03/04/2023 by email to:

Soups PLN 42.00/0.9l.

  1. Sour soup with white sausage and marjoram, egg

    42,00 PLN/ 0,9l.

  2. Vegan sour soup with mushrooms, vegan white sausage

    42,00 PLN/ 0,9l.

  3. Wild fowl broth, parsley noodles

    42,00 PLN/ 0,9l.

HEAT DISHES (150g/portion)

  1. Chicken fillet supreme, polish sauce

    36,00 PLN/portion

  2. Cured-mouse ham, horseradish sauce

    36,00 PLN/portion

  3. Pork tenderloin in bacon slices, mushroom sauce

    36,00 PLN/portion

  4. Cod fillet in clarified butter, julienne vegetables

    38,00 PLN/portion

  5. Vegan chops made of millet groats, beets and nuts, cumberland sauce

    34,00 PLN/portion

  6. Whole roast duck with apples, caramelized beets

    126,00 PLN/whole, possibility to order 1/2 63,00 PLN

COLD DISH (80g/portion): PLN 14.00/portion

  1. Eggs stuffed with flavored pastes, decorated with: ham, salami, smoked fish, vegetables

  2. Poultry roll with dried fruit and nuts

  3. Roast pork loin with horseradish mousse

  4. Traditional pate with cranberries

  5. Traditional Polish cold cuts with flavored pastes

  6. Vegan pate of lentils and mushrooms

SALADS 48.00 PLN/kg possibility to order 1/2kg 24.00 PLN

  1. Traditional vegetable

  2. Potato salad with bacon, pickled cucumber, spring onions

  3. Salad with goat cheese, nuts and grilled pear


  1. Poultry Tymbaliki

  2. Pork tenderloin roll with boletus mushrooms

  3. Egg in ham

  4. Asparagus in ham

  5. Salmon in jelly

  6. Trout roll

  7. Additive: tartar sauce

CAKES sheet 150,00 zł (possibility to order ½ sheet-75,00 zł)

  1. Stracciatella cupcake with pieces of Belgian chocolate

    plate 150,00 zł (possibility to order ½ plate-75,00 zł)

  2. Lemon cheesecake with Italian meringue

    plate 150,00 zł (possibility to order ½ plate-75,00 zł)

  3. Old Polish Mazurka in the shape of an Easter egg

    80,00 PLN possibility to order only in whole

  4. Pâte sablée: chocolate cream, chocolate mousse, raspberry insert, glaze (monoporation)

    minimum order 2 pcs 38,00 PLN/2pcs